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Precept 2017/18

Precept 2017/18

31% or 53 pence per week

After weeks of deliberation Shepton Mallet Town Council agreed at its meeting last night to set a budget of some £387,877 by 10 votes to six. This represents a 31% increase on last year and for a Band D property it sets at £116.06 which equates to .53 pence per week.

An alternative proposal was offered whereby the rise should be just 2% on last year’s budget of £302,322. This was subsequently defeated on a recorded vote by 10 votes to 5. The two major factors in defeating this resolution was that the Government Grant from last year of £13,349 would not be forthcoming this year. Secondly the Council had agreed to build up their working day reserves to some £80,000 over the next two financial years. This latter proposal followed advice from both the internal and external auditors that the Town Council’s reserves were to low.

In the Council’s budget some £50,000 was being set aside again this year to support the many local charities and organisations such as the Christmas lighting £14,000 general community grants £10,000 CAB and the local Tourist Information Bureau. The staffing budget was also increased in order to increase the present capacity which was deemed currently to be insufficient working hours.

Bruce Poole

Town Clerk