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Collett Park

About John Collett and Collett Park Festival 
Collett Park was gifted to the town of Shepton Mallet, by John Kyte Collett in 1906. It is believed that as a boy, John Collett, was told off for playing in the fields that were privately owned at the time. After many years the land started to be auctioned off and John Collett accumulated sevel lots of land and presented them as a gift to the town as the park that we know and love today. That is why every year we hold a Collett Park Festival, to celebrate the giving of this wonderful gift.

If you'd like to find out more about the history of Collett Park, or details of events and other things to do in the town, or find accommodation for your stay, then please visit the Shepton Mallet Tourist Information Centre.

Historical Photographs 

John Kytre Collett

Swings and See Saw 1905
The Swings and See Saw were donated by Mr Luff of Wainwrights Quarries in 1905.

The Rock Garden
The Rock Garden was created and planted in 1923.
Mr Wainwright donated 10 shillings for this purpose.

Keep off the Grass
Collett Park 1929. It was usual to put up 'Keep Off The Grass' notices until after it had been mown for hay. 

The Water Fountain
Collett Park in the 1930s is now beginning to mature. The water for the fountain was supplied free of charge by the Shepton Mallet Water Company.